Diaper Free:  Facts and FAQs
Sat, 6/06/09 – 22:05 | 47 Comments

Going diaper free with your baby is not as hard or bizarre as you might think.  In the Western world, we have been programmed to believe that babies need diapers, but in many parts of …

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Persistence, Positivity, and Sportball
Sunday, 17 May, 2009 – 21:24 | 2 Comments
Persistence, Positivity, and Sportball

We signed Smarty Pants up for Sportball classes a few weeks ago, and he was really excited about it.
If you haven’t heard of Sportball, picture a gathering of 3 to 5 year olds let loose …

Getting Toddler to Listen – How Signs Can Help
Sunday, 3 May, 2009 – 20:00 | No Comment
Getting Toddler to Listen – How Signs Can Help

One of the hardest things to explain to a toddler does not start with an S.  It begins with an F.
That’s right, flowers.  How do you explain to a toddler that he is not allowed …

My Top Ten Guy Movies
Sunday, 26 Apr, 2009 – 22:49 | 6 Comments
My Top Ten Guy Movies

Okay, there are tonnes of great guy movies out there, and if I had a life and actually saw some of them, this list might be different.  Of the few guy movies that I HAVE …

How reverse psychology works with Toddlers
Tuesday, 21 Apr, 2009 – 10:29 | No Comment
How reverse psychology works with Toddlers

Picture this: It’s a warm sunny day.  I’m out shopping with my toddler boy, Smarty Pants.  We were just at a toy store where he was frolicking about with dusty sample toys that the …