Diaper Free:  Facts and FAQs
Sat, 6/06/09 – 22:05 | 47 Comments

Going diaper free with your baby is not as hard or bizarre as you might think.  In the Western world, we have been programmed to believe that babies need diapers, but in many parts of …

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Help! My kid is a picky eater!
Sunday, 15 Feb, 2009 – 22:23 | 6 Comments
Help! My kid is a picky eater!

When Love Buns cooked rice with peas for dinner the other night, I was unsure how Smarty Pants would receive it.
You see, sentences like, “I don’t like that,” and, “I don’t want it!” can frequently …

Cheap Valentine’s Day Gifts
Sunday, 8 Feb, 2009 – 23:55 | No Comment
Cheap Valentine’s Day Gifts

In these tough economic times, how can you woo your partner on Valentine’s Day, and still not break your ever-tightening budget?  There are cheap alternatives to diamonds and pearls, and if you opt to go …

Introducing Solids – my turn to do some feeding
Sunday, 1 Feb, 2009 – 21:18 | 4 Comments
Introducing Solids – my turn to do some feeding

I’ve had it easy for the past six months.  So easy, I didn’t even know it.
My beautiful wife, Love Buns, has been breastfeeding our baby, Sweet Cheeks, exclusively for the past six months.  No pumping, …

The Site The Dad Jam Built
Sunday, 25 Jan, 2009 – 21:35 | 4 Comments
The Site The Dad Jam Built

This is my ode to the moms and dads of the blogosphere who have been friends and/or have helped spread word of the Dad Jam throughout the blogosphere.  Thank you.  Just call me Father Goose.
The …