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Three Tips for Surviving Your First Week with Three Kids

Submitted by on Saturday, 3 December 201117 Comments

Hold onto your shirts! The Dad Jam family has grown! We recently welcomed our son, who I’ll call Smarty Pants 2, to the world, making us a family of five. Three kids!! (by the way, I am calling him Smarty Pants 2 for two reasons: 1) I can’t think of a better name right now, and 2) he looks a heck of a lot like Smarty Pants did when he was born.

Three kids

Smary Pants and Smarty Pants 2

Smarty Pants 2 is a little over two weeks old now, and somehow we managed to survive our first two weeks with three kids… mostly thanks to the awesomeness and strength of my lovely wife, Love Buns.

To celebrate, I would like to share three tips with you on how to survive your first week or two with your third child, should you find yourself in the same situation as me. Of course, everyone’s situation is different, but this worked for us, and maybe it will help you too:

1) Don’t let anyone into your house in the first week unless they are carrying bags of food (preferably food that you can freeze) – this may sound a bit selfish, or odd… but it is true. Your first week with three kids is hectic… you and your spouse are now outnumbered by your kids… and one of them is a teeny tiny baby that needs a tonne of undivided attention from at least one of you pretty much 24/7. Having visitors during the first week can add to the commotion, since your baby is not on a schedule yet, and you haven’t fully adjusted to having another child in your household. But, if said visitors bring some food with them when they come to visit, it is a big plus. Finding time to cook meals will be difficult, so any pre-made meals you get will be huge time savers. Especially if you can freeze some of them for later in the week when you’re really in a pinch.

I must say, we have awesome friends, and everyone who came to visit us was kind enough to bring some food with them when they visited. We didn’t ask for it, they were just thoughtful and wanted to help us out, and we gladly accepted the help. It really made a huge difference and we are very grateful.

2) Build a village – they say it takes a village to raise a family, and when you have three kids, it is truer than ever. Find out how your friends can help you, and get paid help as well if you need it. For example, we have a friend who was able to pick our son up from school for the first week after Smarty Pants 2 was born. Other friends of ours took him to school every day. What a huge help that was! We have other friends that had our daughter over for play dates with their daughter…another huge help. I could go on…

Of course, try to reciprocate as much as you can…you don’t want to take take take without giving anything back, so have some play date exchanges, give thank-you gifts, etc. In essence, build a community with other parents to the best extent possible.

3) Rest and enjoy as much as you can – luckily the baby will sleep quite a lot in the first couple of weeks. Take advantage of this time to try and rest as much as you can. If you followed steps 1 and 2 above, you should have saved some time in your day for resting. If you’re a working dad, hopefully you’ll take at least a week off of work too, and use the time to help your wife and also get some rest yourself. And of course, enjoy this time with your precious new little baby. Unless you are prepared to have four or more kids (i.e. you are really brave or really crazy), this will be your last little baby. So enjoy the time, and it will make it go that much smoother.

Leave a comment and let us know what you think of these tips, and if you have any other tips to share! Cheers and all the best!

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