Diaper Free:  Facts and FAQs
Sat, 6/06/09 – 22:05 | 47 Comments

Going diaper free with your baby is not as hard or bizarre as you might think.  In the Western world, we have been programmed to believe that babies need diapers, but in many parts of …

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Bonding with your Children through your Passions
Tue, 21/06/11 – 20:30 | One Comment
Bonding with your Children through your Passions

We are pleased to have a guest Jammer with us today at The Dad Jam. Our good friend Cyrus from FatherGeek.com jams with us today about bonding with your children through your passions. Enjoy!
Some parents …

Netflix and Gillette Father’s Day Giveaway!
Fri, 10/06/11 – 23:28 | 5 Comments
Netflix and Gillette Father’s Day Giveaway!

The folks at Netflix, as well as the folks at Proctor & Gamble/Gillette (note: Netflix and Gillette are not affiliated with one another, it’s just a coincidence that they both are mentioned in this jam …

The Year of Threes
Mon, 30/05/11 – 10:47 | 4 Comments
The Year of Threes

Well, here I am on May 30th… realizing that I am 33 years old this year, and thinking about our third child on the way.
I tried to come up with some other clever evidence that …

What Makes a Great Dad?
Sun, 22/05/11 – 17:04 | No Comment
What Makes a Great Dad?

Father’s Day is on its way, and even though I know it was invented by greeting card companies to instill just the right amount of guilt in our kids and wives to make them fork …