Diaper Free:  Facts and FAQs
Sat, 6/06/09 – 22:05 | 47 Comments

Going diaper free with your baby is not as hard or bizarre as you might think.  In the Western world, we have been programmed to believe that babies need diapers, but in many parts of …

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Man in the Moon Vancouver and 2009 Resolutions Follow-Up
Sunday, 12 Jul, 2009 – 20:23 | 2 Comments
Man in the Moon Vancouver and 2009 Resolutions Follow-Up

Two things to cover in this Jam – kinda related, kinda not related at all.  The first one is Man In The Moon in Vancouver, and the second is a follow-up on my 2009 parenting …

All you need is love
Sunday, 5 Jul, 2009 – 21:13 | 2 Comments
All you need is love

Smarty Pants and I got into a huge power struggle the other day.  He’s great at power struggles.  I get the feeling that he lives for them. His will is stronger than Optimus Prime.  These …

Wicked BBQ Burger Tips
Monday, 29 Jun, 2009 – 21:11 | 12 Comments
Wicked BBQ Burger Tips

You have two duties in life as a dad.  Be a great father and husband, and make a mean BBQ Burger.  In that order, of course.
So all along I have been focusing on the first …

Magic Tricks for the Kids
Sunday, 21 Jun, 2009 – 22:59 | 7 Comments
Magic Tricks for the Kids

Those of you who read The Dad Jam regularly may have picked up on the fact that I like magic.  Ever since I was little I wanted to perform magic tricks, and was fascinated by …