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Introducing Solids – my turn to do some feeding

Submitted by on Sunday, 1 February 20094 Comments

I’ve had it easy for the past six months.  So easy, I didn’t even know it.

My beautiful wife, Love Buns, has been breastfeeding our baby, Sweet Cheeks, exclusively for the past six months.  No pumping, no bottle, no nothing… just pure mother’s milk, straight from the source.

As you can imagine, that left me on easy street when it came to feeding time.  I just handed Sweet Cheeks over and watched Love Buns work her breastly magic.  Those good ol’ days are no more my friends.  A couple of days ago, we decided to start introducing solids into Sweet Cheeks’s diet.

drinking easier than eatingIt wasn’t an easy decision.  From our experience with our now toddler son, Smarty Pants, we knew that getting food into a baby’s mouth, and then actually getting the baby to swallow the food, is about as easy and fun as trying to get a nun to drink whiskey on the rocks.  It just ain’t happening.  And whatever goes in comes right back out.  Somehow, and I don’t know exactly how, you end up with more food on you than you actually started with.

We thought since Love Buns has had the sole joy of nourishing our sweet little Sweet Cheeks these past six months, it was time for me to join in the joy and be the one to feed Sweet Cheeks her solid meal.  If you can call it a meal.  I’d actually call it: her solid attempt at a teaspoon of mush that ends up everywhere anyways.

We are introducing the solids gradually, of course.  Sweet Cheeks still gets her full dose of breast milk daily from good ol’ (sorry… good young) mama, and in between, sometime during the day, we try and sneak in a bit of mushed up solids.

I enjoy it, really, I do.  I am glad to be a part of her eating schedule now, and I enjoy a challenge.  It is funny to see the expressions on her face when I actually manage to get a teensy weensy bit of food in her mouth.  Picture Mother Theresa after hammering back a shot of Tequila.  Then multiply the look of disgust by about 1000, and you have the expression on Sweet Cheeks’s face.  That expression is followed shortly after by a slight gag, and the food coming back out again.  After that, I will get the expression of disgust at the sight of the spoon alone.

Us dads get the short end of the stick in this respect.  Moms who are able to breastfeed can enjoy a relaxing feeding time, with a pleased baby suckling warm, tasty breast milk right from the source, as nature intended it to be.  Dads like me can look forward to trying to weasel some cold, bland mush into their baby’s mouth with a plastic spoon, only to have it spit right back at them.  Payback for the easy first six months indeed.

But I like it, and I’m willing to accept the challenge.  It will be rewarding to reach the point when only half of the amount we started with ends up on me.  Then I will run through the halls shouting “Victory!” like Johnny Drama here.

How have you handled introducing solids with your baby, and did you have any better luck?  Leave a comment and let me know!

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